• High-Reliable Patented Design
  • Port Engine Control

  • Starboard Engine Control

  • Anchor Windlass Control

  • Bow Thruster Control

  • Transmit LED Indicator

  • Low Battery LED Indicator
  • ABS Casings with IP65 Protection
  • Low-Power Consumption
  • Simple Connecting

Every skipper or owner of a watercraft has encountered the problem of manoeuvring the vessel during docking in a marina or anchoring. Poor communication with other members of the crew may cause difficulties leading to damage of his own or other vessels, and, in the worst case, to bodily injuries. Thanks to the wireless remote control system for motor yachts, such problems are now a thing of the past.

With the use of the remote control device the skipper has control over his vessel from any spot on the yacht. High-quality switches and keys are used to control both engines, the bow and the stern thrusters as well as the anchor windlass during anchoring. The remote control unit is encased in an ergonomically designed, watertight housing ensuring simple operation and portability. Thanks to the carrying cord provided, it can even be worn around the neck, thus freeing the hands for other tasks during docking. The steering of the vessel is thus always at the skipper’s fingertips in case any corrections of the vessel’s movement, due to wind or other factors, are required.

During anchoring, complete control of the vessel is possible from the bow, which allows the skipper to precisely determine the position of the anchor and avoid any underwater obstacles. During the weighing of the anchor, proper manoeuvring of the vessel is possible right from its bow, thus avoiding any overloads on the anchor windlass and possible entanglement with another anchor.

This remote control device comes in three versions. Version MYW868B/CP-3 controls the vessel’s engines and anchor windlass; version MYW868B/CP-4 controls the vessel’s engines, anchor windlass and bow thruster; and version MYW868B/CP-5, in addition to engine and bow thruster control, also features stern thruster control.

An additional remote control unit, MYW868BE, can also be supplied to connect the system to the special electronic control heads or to connect to the secondary electronic control head if the yacht is fitted with a fly-bridge.

Wireless Yacht Control System is composed of transmitter and receiver units. The transmitter ‘RemoteController’ (fitted in the ergonomic plastic casing) is managed by operator. The receiver is built inside the boat and it has all the necessary electronics for connection to the boat control systems.

The Wireless Yacht Control System is patented (P-200800217) to achieve safe and high reliability of operation.

Technical Specifications

Number of channels 8
Transmission code 40 bit
Frequency 868 MHz


RF output power max. 10 mW
Power supply 3V lithium battery CR2
Operating temperature 0°C – +50°C
Casing ABS, IP65 protection
Dimensions (L x W x H) 150 x 60 x 34 mm
Weight (incl. battery) 0.2 kg


Power requirement 12 – 24Vdc
Consumption max. 300mAdc
Operating temperature 0°C – +50°C
Casing ABS, IP65 Protection
Dimensions (L x W x H) 200 x 120 x 55 mm
Weight) 0.5 kg

Number of control functions

3-function control system
  • 1 engine control
  • bow-thruster control
  • anchor windlass control
4-function control system
  • port/starboard engine control
  • bow-thruster control
  • anchor windlass control