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GSM Remote Control Units

The MGR100 series high-efficient GSM remote controllers are specially designed to use in nautical applications. The built-in GSM module with different interfaces enable simple and easy control and management of complete yacht electrical and electronic equipment through GSM mobile phone. Alarm inputs enable intruder, fire and water income alarming and voltage and temperature alarming and measuring, etc. The built-in relays enable the remote control of different yacht devices. The built-in GPS receiver enable the position tracking and alarming in the case of leaving or approaching to the hold position.

The control of the unit is possible by the help of SMS text messages or by the help of tone (DTMF) dialing. Alarming is possible by receiving the SMS text messages or by alarm calls or by the combination of both of them. Interactive voice responder confirms the requests during DTMF control or inform about the kind of alarm when alarm occurs. The unit enables also speaker and microphone connection to remote communication. Programming is possible by the help of SMS text messages or with PC by the help of RS-232 serial interface.

By the help of wireless sensors and wireless keyfob transmitter the installation, control and management become more simple and user-friendly.

This GSM remote control units come in three versions, Basic, Advance and Reference, every model is available with GPS receiver.

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  • Built-In GSM Module with SIM Interface
  • Built-In GPS Module for Location Management and Alarming (G)
  • SMS Control
  • DTMF (PSTN, ISDN, GSM) Control
  • IVR (Interactive Voice Responder)
  • Temperature Measuring and Management
  • Analog Voltage Measuring and Management
  • Alarm Sensors Management
  • Wireles Sensors Connection Capability (W)
  • Remote Keyboard Interface
  • Speaker and Microphone Interface
  • PC Remote and Local Management
  • Wide Range Power Supply
  • Rechargeable Battery Connection
  • ABS Casing



Technical specifications

Power supply 12 - 30 Vdc
Accumulator (option) 1, the same voltage as power supply
Digital inputs 8, NO, TTL, 12V
Analog inputs 4 (6), 0-30 Vdc (10 bit, ±2LSB)
Digital outputs 4, open-collector
Relays 2 x NO/COM, 2 x NO/NC/COM  
Temperature sensor interface 3, I2C interface
Keyboard interface 1
I2C interface 1
PC serial interface 1, RS-232
Audio interface 1, speaker, microphone
Casing ABS
Protection IP-65 (VDE)
Dimensions 210x165x55mm, 210x165x75mm (W)
Weight 0.6 kg, 0.8 kg (W)
GSM module
Quad-band E-GSM-900, GSM-850, DCS-1800, PCS-1900
SIM card interface 3V
Antenna connector SMA
GPS module (G)
GPS receiver 12-parallel channel GPS receiver
1 second update rate
Accuracy position < 15m, 95% typical (100m with selective availability on)
Sensitivity -165 dBW min.
Antenna connector SMA
Wireless Interface (W)
Front-End Module Superheterodyne UHF receiver
Operating Frequency 433.92 MHz
ID codes Over 16.000.000 possible 24-bit combinations




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